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Golfing Magazine names Cigar Caddy one of Golf's Latest Innovations

Posted: 10/28/2010 - 2:08:20 PM

Golf is the season that never ends. While it may be fall, equipment manufacturers keep the heat on year-round, and Golfing Magazine gives you a little sneak peak at some of the latest and greatest golf products on the market in our
Launch Pad section.

High-tech rules todayís golf scene and for good reason. Thanks to forward-thinking equipment manufacturers and their heady R & D departments, there is absolutely no reason not to have in your hands the ideal club to reach the flagstick, regardless of where you are on the course.

It used to be that companies waited until the big PGA Merchandise Show in late January to early February to kick out their hot toys for the new golf season. Not now. Itís all about jumping the competition and beating them to the punch in order
to attract the attention of the playing and paying public, even before the current golf season is traditionally over.

So, sit back and take a gander at some of the newest items to hit the pro shop and big box store shelves. Like a summer that never ends, thereís always something dreamy to ponder when it
comes to golf equipment.

Cigar Caddy
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